Mala Sangre

Alternative electronic musician, singer and songwriter. With a wide compositional spectrum, he combines analog, digital and modular synthesizers, the main basis of his creations, with software tools for sound design and production, thus achieving a personal artistic aesthetic. The result is songs that move through genres such as electro influenced by artists like Justice or Danger, incorporating analog instruments, twisting and desecrating pianos and classical strings to achieve unique sounds, fused with the most industrial electro of artists like Gesaffelstein and without leaving back elements of electronic punk like Crystal Castles, or more experimental electronics, searching almost obsessively for originality and elegance. After several years on stage with the Dance-Punk band Paradise Key, with which they won several national awards, with albums and singles such as The Son Of the Rave or T.E.S.L.A, Daniel Rato began this process parallel to the band. MALA SANGRE aims to be a booster, and tracks like “Coherence Kingdom” a method of liberation.