Kas Yonen

My scene name is Kas Yonen. I’m from Kyiv, Ukraine and I always loved music. In my teen years I’ve listened to rap music and after watching movie “8 Mile” me and three of my friends started our own band. I started making beats with Hip-Hop eJay and then later with Fruity Loops. But it wasn’t for too long because I had to take a break during studying in the university and then work got in my way. So I abandoned my hobby. But I always wanted to return to making music. Fast forward to 2016 when I’ve started taking an interest in House music because of the local parties and getting to know some DJs in person. So in 2019 I’ve bought my first dj controller DDJ-400 and started mixing music in the Melodic Techno / Progressive House styles. And in 2020 I’ve started learning about music production and producing House/Techno tracks of my own. I like more melodic sound with interesting chord pregoressions and emotional melodies.